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Top 10 Best Flat Fee Sites

Colorado Flat Fee MLS Listing Companies. Below are flat fee brokers in your area. We put them on one site so that you can compare and see if they have "real reviews" and not a "3rd party referral site". We think listing on the MLS with a good full service flat fee broker is the best way to sell. Take your time and find the right flat fee REALTOR®.

OUR RATING SYSTEM Please call and interview companies before listing. A company that has not passed our rating system, doesn't mean it's not a great company, it just did not pass our ratings test on data we could find. Click on link above "OUR RATING SYSEM" to learn more.

10 Best Flat Fee Companies | REALTORS®

#1 TOP RATED NATIONAL SITE based on our rating system. You will need to click on the state to see reviews for each broker. Most brokers are BBB A+ rated, and 5 star.
TOP RATED NATIONAL SITE based on our rating system.
National Flat Fee Association
TOP RATED NATIONAL SITE based on our rating system.
No 3rd party reviews found on site
No 3rd party reviews found on site
No 3rd party reviews found on site
No 3rd party reviews found on site
NOT RATED based on our rating system.
No 3rd party reviews found on site
No 3rd party reviews found on site
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No 3rd party reviews found on site
No 3rd party reviews found on site  (reviews)
No 3rd party reviews found on site

Colorado Flat Fee Realty Companies

Or sometimes called Discount REALTORS ® is the newest form of selling real estate. We have taken the time to give an honest reviews of different Flat Fee Companies. Some companies are state local while others are located in other states. Some companies are what is know as 3rd party referral sites. This means they take your order and put it out for the lowest bidding company in your state. It is our opinion, that you choose a company located in your state and choose a company with a BBB A+ rating and you can click on the BBB logo to see unedited consumer reviews. We have done a lot of research and have determined that flat fee listing is the best way to sell real estate but you need to choose the right company. Call and interview the company before you pay and list. Flat Fee Brokers are members of NAR National Association of REALTORS®.

Flat Fee MLS refers to the practice in the real estate industry of a seller entering into an "à la carte service agreement" with a real estate broker who accepts a flat fee rather than a percentage of the sale price for the listing side of the transaction. A flat fee MLS brokerage typically unbundles the services a traditional real estate brokerage offers and lists the property for sale in the local multiple listing service (MLS) à la carte without requiring the seller to use all services.


I have never sold this way?

If you have ever listed on the MLS, then you have listed this way.
Sometimes sellers think they are doing something different, but this is not the case.
We are listing on the same local MLS as any other agent, but instead of charging a 3% commission at closing we are charging you a low flat fee,
We have "unbundled" our services. You pay for the service that fits your needs. We are your listing agent. Your listing will look the same, as all other listings. How much you pay us to list is not mentioned on the MLS. The only commission listed on the MLS, is how much you are offering to pay the buyer or leasing agent.


Am I listing as a for sale by owner on the MLS?

You are not listing your property yourself.
We are your listing agent, but instead of working for a high commission, we are working for a flat fee. We provide all the same services as any agent. There is only one REALTOR® MLS in  Colorado, and this is where we will be listing your property.
Depending on the listing package, we can help you with pricing, contract review and contract negotiations. We are full service agents. We have done traditional 6% real estate in the past, but do it this way, because it is a fantastic service.
If a buyer comes to you directly as a FSBO - FOR SALE BY OWNER you can sell to them and not pay a buyer agent commission, and we will still help you with the process.


Do agents show flat fee listings?

Yes, agents will show your listing. You are not a "flat fee or fsbo" listing on the MLS. All listings look the same.
We have been doing this many years and sold thousands and thousands of properties. The only commission agents care about is theirs. How much they are offered is posted on the  Colorado MLS. The listing agent commission is not posted on the MLS. You decide how much you are going to offer the buyer's agent. You are not a FSBO on the MLS. Your listing looks just like all other listings.


Can I sell myself and not pay a commission?

If a buyer comes to you directly, without a buyer's agent, there will be NO buyer agent commission and NO more commission due to us. However most buyers do work with agents.


What are the most popular sites downloaded by the MLS?

There are thousands of sites that download from the MLS but the 2 most popular are realtor.com and zillow


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