How to sell

4P's of selling
* Price
* Placement on MLS
* Presentation of property
* Photos


* Start with a price you want to get, but it's best to list and work with a great agent. Full Service Flat Fee Agents, is our recommendation.
* If you are not getting many showings, or offers, reduce the price.
* Many sellers think you have to start with the perfect price, but you do not. Starting high to test the market is ok as long as you do not let it sit on the market overpriced.
* The key to selling is the price NOT the commission. Many sellers offer 2% to the buyer agent. Offering 3% will not make your home sell faster.

Many home sellers over price their homes. The biggest mistake is not making big enough price reductions often enough.
Your goal is to sell within a certain time frame and get the most for you home as possible.
No agent can tell you the perfect price to achieve this goal, but what we can do is give you the "Selling Formula" to achieve this goal.